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Tag: 2022


life is a flywheel life
is a perpetual motion
machine life is a charger
I need electricity bitch!

October 14, 2022


When your skull rattles on the hamster
wheel and You can't tell your feet from
your shoes and they Have you down
for A sign on the dotted line to feed
your Family a hand-me-down meal,
'cause if you're Going to survive
you're going To have to make it
Work, make a home, make a
life when work Is home,
work is life, when An
honest day is
an Act,
long follow
through Of just
enough until some
fragile moment pulls
you off the manic round
about and you forget why
and remember for whom,
forget the whine of the
wheel and remember
a shared meal,
that it's
of the hat
but the hand
in the hand, that
the tunnel is only
a vision and the check
the means to the end of
the day, that nothing we
build will last beyond the
graveyard shift, when you
remember what it's all
about, when you

September 3, 2022


i need air
to live
that mean
air is a part
of who
i am
of periodic
with symbiotic
elements of stylistic
sub luminous human
still wet
amniotic when
time's up!
a fluid creek
without a
the surface
of a high
to this
of a
it all
in my head?

September 3, 2022


Start with:
maybe it's not about me.

quiet morning ritual,
open to possibility.
a deep breath,

diving in
maybe it's not about me.

open palms
letting go
without judgement
without shame
radiating outward
into other moments
another time in
a place not yet known
resurfacing to breathe
with you
in awe
and wonder maybe

maybe it's not about me.

June 8, 2022


why does emotional wreckage haunt us?
(i'm always at least a little bit lost.)

we move so fast but do we go anywhere?
or are we like trees, rooted in our lives.

two seeds encompassing separate
universes of potential become
two trees in separate universes,

both uncomplaining subjects of
their places in the world, of
their microclimates, of shade,
sun, elevation, weather,
competition for water.

they don't get to choose where
and when damp soil awakens
them any more than apes decide
where and when to be born
and into what precarious
social networks.

it's the agony of choice that defeats us
moment by moment, the mistaken belief
that no roots bind us, that no walls block
out the warmth, that the open sky alone
determines where our reach meets its

trees feel no grief, no loneliness, no despair.
they endure. they live, they grow, they die.
they fall, they sift into soil, decay.

or are we discrete organisms at all?
or are we only entries in a bestiary

manufactured by the neural pathways
left behind by natural selection, by
those primitive shapes that fell one
into the other, by those coincidental
keys that opened coincidental locks,
those streams of particles flowing
through the skulls of self-considering
apes, electrical entities that can't see
backwards into space or time, only
inwards, the master originators who
declare this pool of signals suffering,
enfolding it within a length of

this is wrong, a sin, a fault, or
this shall be excused, ignored,
elevated into grace.

trees make no such distinctions.
fill in the spaces between the
branches and the tree becomes

whatever we are, we exist, we need.
one moment of joy, one moment of
grief. we pass along the dendritic
stream into an unreachable sky.

(suffering dislodged from its context
is never senseless.)

May 30, 2022

a meditation

life is pain, suffering, confusion, disappointment, impermanence. death.

it can’t be fixed, changed, redirected, repaired, improved, perfected.

life is unfair. it can’t be made fair, equitable, just.

to believe otherwise is an illusion.

we still have moments of choice. pivotal moments.

but they mean less than we think they do, less than we hope they do, less than we need them to.

you can forcibly change the narrative. you can fool people, fool yourself.

but you can’t fool human nature. it goes on without you. the rest of life on earth goes on without you. the universe goes on without you, continuing to expand long after you and your politics are gone.

make peace with it.

make peace with your life, your vulnerabilities, your illusions. with all the needs you can’t fulfill. with the happiness you can’t achieve, the failures you can’t explain, the successes that didn’t ease your despair.

let go.


be humble.

even if you don’t understand, right now, in this moment, be still.

take a deep breath.

to be alive, to be human, to be conscious, is to suffer. so rethink your assumptions about suffering. about pain, about confusion, disappointment, impermanence. death.

let go.

step down.

bow your head.

you can’t understand it all. you can’t control it all. you can’t make every right choice, or even know what every right choice is.

in the end, it doesn’t matter.

you will suffer. you will die.

i suffer. i will die.

everyone we know suffers, even if it’s alone, in silence. and someday they will die.

in light of all that, what really matters?

what matters to you?

May 15, 2022


Why do your keys make so happy a jingle on a dull day in March? like a puppy dog at the door, welcome! welcome! it's a good day!
hello! you're home!

Forty-eight years old and I slouch with my knees apart
like a cowboy
if a cowboy
was a middle-aged woman in artificially distressed denim and dirty hiking boots.

What's important? Love and art.

Forty-eight years old and I swagger with my wallet chain chiming against my box-cutter like spurs ching! ching!
like a cowboy
if a cowboy was a rejected product of the unraveling American middle-class.

When did I last watch the sun rise? decoupled from time and space because it can't be rushed, can't be squeezed in between errands and dishes and feeding the cats, because there's no app to replace it, because every single one is unique, because it'll never come again.

Forty-eight years old and I sigh when the weight of old pain and everyday grief feels too heavy on my back
like a cowboy
if a cowboy was a bird-beaked old woman trying to do the right thing without a guide, a tutor, a mentor, a helpmeet.

Who am I isn't a question I can afford to answer when nobody is good enough to earn a living. (The interest would kill me.)

Forty-eight years old and I'm finally the person I wanted to be at fourteen.

If I'm invisible it's because I choose to be invisible.

If I put up with someone's shit it's because I choose to put up with their shit, for love or money.

I don't have to,

I choose.
I survive.

like a cowboy

if a cowboy was more than an old-fashioned symbol of self-reliance, independence, substance, courage, and strength, more than a man whose character, in accordance with stereotype, was honed by adversity, a man who doesn't care about the show but about the story it tells, a man who understands that it's not about the having of it, but the earning of it, a man who lives in no man's shadow, a man whose cares are etched into every line on his face, in his limp, his swollen joints, in every gray hair, every wrinkle, every mole, a man who doesn't complain, but keeps on walking, keeps on working, a man who shapes his life with his hands,

if a cowboy was an American ideal that even a forty-eight year old woman can aspire to in a dusty dry-room shifting banana boxes from one place to another.

It's not that I wanted to be a man, it's that I wanted to live up to masculine ideals.

April 3, 2022

just today

when you're asking only one crisis at a time
when you wonder will i ever be enough
when you're asking can i make it
one more moment one more
hour just today just let me
get through today and that
primal glittering star reaches
through black branches and
it's enough for one moment
it's enough to lift your foot
and take with you those
downy white feathers
layered over smeary
purple bars and it's
enough to get you
in the door it's
enough to get
you through
one more
one more
hour just

April 3, 2022

the end of the day

my poetry keeps me company in fragmented moments that slide around like empty tin cans useless used up can't be retrofitted refilled empty moments chained together like shoreline wrack broken shells foamy salt spit hiss and rush whatever it takes it gives back at the end of the day

April 3, 2022

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