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Tag: circa 1995

Winter’s Slumber

Green growing-things stand fast asleep
beneath the churning sky.
A breath of storm
arrived that morn',
a gusty, cloudy sigh.

Fitfully, uncertainly,
the snow begins to fall,
its crystal down
a formal gown
on sapling straight and tall.

Raw the norther's voice becomes
in squalls and bitter frost.
Above the gale
of icy hail
the sky itself is lost.

Long into the black of night
the blizzard's will is bent,
'tween limbs and leaves
the wroth wind weaves
a tale of harsh torment.

Sharp upon the distant hill
arrives the edge of dawn.
Storm's icy reign
begins to wane
as snowdrifts gape and yawn.

Silent flee the ragged clouds
and so begins the day
so short and cold
it soon grows old
and fades to solemn gray.

Beneath the sky the growing-things
now sleep in blankets white.
Their tranquil dreams
still filled with beams
of springtime's wholesome light.

December 30, 1999


despair begets cynicism
     cynicism begets apathy
          apathy begets immobility
               immobility begets self-pity
                    self-pity begets depression
                         depression begets deterioration
                              deterioration begets death
 from death comes life
                              hope begets faith
                         faith begets understanding
                    understanding begets wisdom
               wisdom begets inspiration
          inspiration begets innovation
     innovation begets independence
independence begets life

January 3, 1997


nestled in the sand
at the bottom of the sea.
completely filled.

circa 1995

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