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Tag: guest poetry

Woman in White

by Elijah M. Newton*

The woman in white dress lives in the hole
walls come in groups of four
I’m sure the man in the mirror told me so
he wears my face not me my face like Halloween
but children love Santa more.

Mother says boys behave rewards are given
Mother wore white and was ladylike
Father was gone told to look in mirror to find him
Mother never made sense.

Money is found at the bank had a roommate once
a frog perhaps poured peroxide on my hair
Chicago now Albany frustrating really
it was bleach a total mess
the mouse laughed with me
he wears a top hat lives in hole with woman in white.

They’re married I think.

Virgil lives in my veins pumping through my heart
like faucet feeds the hunger to share
secrets are meant to be kept
it’s ok to share dream though.

One day words being hard to find he came out
the mouse not Virgil told me he was magick
magick exists in the minds of children pure
imagination left me.

There was a potion was not free
but mice don’t need money
he was after my heart cheese
“NO!” shouted me at the mouse
ran no scurried to the hole
haven’t seen him since.

Woman in white is nicer whispers to me at night
darkness hides things 'specially secrets.

I love woman in white reminds me of Mother
she told me great many things
but Mother made no sense woman too.

Work is work not meant to be fun
friendly woman at bus port smiled
I liked that wanted to make her steak that night
steak comes from cows live on farms
went there once a park too.

Woman didn’t want steak
I didn’t like that decided to make


She lives now in between the blue lines
pen broke can’t clean stain from carpet
broken useless it sleeps now in dumpster.

Sat at the desk wrote until the sun
woke up long page I felt better
went to work
work is work
boss told me he needed more from me
“I’m poor not much to give!” shouted at him.

He didn’t like that
it wasn’t my fault.

Told me “start making sense can’t understand me"
“im not Mother. Mother she never made sense. Father left money.”
this confused me but he gave me number
to magick woman just mouse in disguise
offered me potion capsules.

I don’t take them
can’t afford them
mice don’t need money.

Persistent ran home but he beat me there
now in mouse body with top hat
smiled at me reading my paper.

Snatched from his tiny paws hated it
told me so I believe him
me too kept paper though
told me so offered tiny hand in important task.

“Mice don’t need money! No cheese, go home tell woman in white!”

July 4, 2020

* Originally an unfinished short-fiction piece reformatted by Ajax.

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