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Deliver Us Some Evil: Attack of the Seven Foot Flying Podcast

My best friend Elijah Newton and I are an odd pair. He’s a Millennial malcontent, I’m a Gen X spinster. He’s obsessed with horror movies, true crime, and the antics of serial killers. I’m scared of my own shadow. So what’s the obvious thing to do?

Host a podcast, of course.

And thus was born Deliver Us Some Evil: a show where dark humor meets the macabre and reveals the absurdity of human nature. Urban legends, cryptids, hauntings, murders, unsolved mysteries, little green men, nothing is sacred. Like a jaded coroner straight out of an 80’s detective drama, Eli peels back the white sheet to reveal the horror on the slab. I gasp and groan. I cover my eyes. He chuckles as he points out some gruesome detail, some blackly comical bit of trivia. And before I know it, I’m peeking between my fingers.

You will too.

Join us every Monday for a brand new episode of Deliver Us Some Evil. Available on Spotify or wherever you find your podcasts. Follow us on Twitter for news, episode teasers, and Eli’s unapologetic artwork.

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