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bleating heart

The new age will open like the first sun
rising over a pile of corpses.

The pure bloods shall inherit a
second enlightenment.

Let them drive the rats out of every corner.

Let not one remain to seethe and fester
like a boil on the face of the earth.

Let not one remain to leech away the fruits
of their labor.

Let not one remain to become many and
poison the future with
yet another war,
yet another genocide,
yet another moral bankruptcy,
yet another outrage against all good graces.

Let the pure bloods, without even
a memory of us,
No more.

Us and them
You and them

We are the walking dead.
We are from a softer world that no longer exists.

Never mourn for the weak, the gullible.
Sheep are bred to be slaughtered.

We are no longer ascendant. Let us go.

Be true and without remorse for what
you have to do to save the human race
from its own vilest heart.

It's too late for lambs to learn;
our fate is already upon us.

What's a consumer?
A ruminant animal.

We are worth nothing.
Spare nothing for us.

No mercy from those who must be merciless.
Wolves have only so much patience.
Tolerate nothing.

"Don't teach them this."
Sheep teach sheep false history.

Ours was the idol.

Let yours be true.

May 10, 2024

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