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Month: May 2024

Sunday morning call-outs

In a world where parasites
make the rules,
see you
as less than
human, parasites

who contribute nothing
to society,

who arbitrarily decide
the value of your labor,

who tell you what to eat,
what to wear, what to do,
feel, and think,

who want to gatekeep reality
from birth to death,

who profit from your ill health,
your suffering, your confusion,
your want, your despair,

when those are the people
who make the rules,

you must

live life on your own terms
wherever and whenever
you can.

May 27, 2024

five days a week

i must be as strong as a man
and understand i am not
a man, five days a week.

i get to be a woman
for two in a dress
and a scrunchie,
with a spoon
in my hand and
a ring on my finger.

the locus
the focus,
the hope and
the faith,

all seven days
under the lamps,
under the sun,
undone and whole,

i'm she for you
and them for all
the last days of
my life.

May 26, 2024


The masters of the universe
think they're God because
they destroy lives so easily,
turn entire societies into
traps that crush and grind
families to dust.

But they are not God.

God creates.

Zionists can only destroy.

February 1, 2024

bleating heart

The new age will open like the first sun
rising over a pile of corpses.

The pure bloods shall inherit a
second enlightenment.

Let them drive the rats out of every corner.

Let not one remain to seethe and fester
like a boil on the face of the earth.

Let not one remain to leech away the fruits
of their labor.

Let not one remain to become many and
poison the future with
yet another war,
yet another genocide,
yet another moral bankruptcy,
yet another outrage against all good graces.

Let the pure bloods, without even
a memory of us,
No more.

Us and them
You and them

We are the walking dead.
We are from a softer world that no longer exists.

Never mourn for the weak, the gullible.
Sheep are bred to be slaughtered.

We are no longer ascendant. Let us go.

Be true and without remorse for what
you have to do to save the human race
from its own vilest heart.

It's too late for lambs to learn;
our fate is already upon us.

What's a consumer?
A ruminant animal.

We are worth nothing.
Spare nothing for us.

No mercy from those who must be merciless.
Wolves have only so much patience.
Tolerate nothing.

"Don't teach them this."
Sheep teach sheep false history.

Ours was the idol.

Let yours be true.

May 10, 2024


I don't know anything.
I don't have anything.
I don't want anything.

I don't know the time.
I don't have a cigarette.
I don't want food stamps.
Or drugs or whatever else.
You're selling or shilling.
Or grifting.

I know times are hard.
I know you're a dollar short.
I know you've been on the street.
Or a shelter.
Or prison.

I'm not out here at 6am
To talk to you
To entertain you
To supply or to buy
To be your new best friend
Or your pal or your bro
Or your sister or your


I'm out here at 6am
In the cold
In the heat
In the rain
In the snow
To wait for a bus
To get to work
To stand on my feet all day
To earn a wage
To feed my family
To forge my own way
Into a future
I can't see
I can't predict
I can't shape with anything more
Than these two hands
These two feet
These few dollars.

Back away.
Back off.

You're on your own.
You're not mine.

I'm not yours.
I'm not here
For you
For any of you.


May 10, 2024


I don't run to catch the bus.
I run because I'm free.

May 10, 2024


What we had was a fairy tale,
a story written and performed
by monsters, a shadow play of
elaborate detail, a hero's
narrative told over
and over

atrocities in their name,

for their purposes,
our true history

our very names lost.

Who are we?

They gave us a brand, long ago.
Now they're rebranding us,
discarding what's no
longer useful
to them,
cutting away
whole family lineages.

They are a false god.

They are a millstone
around the necks of
a hundred million

May 10, 2024

divide, conquer

Jews are dividers.

They cleave in two what should be one,
and mediate between them.

For profit.
Social coin shavers.

This is how they control the individual.
And when they control the individual,
they control the society, and
when they control the society,
they control the world.

Wherever you find a thing divided
against itself, you'll find a Jew
in between, profiting.

They stand between you and reality
(news, entertainment, video games,
virtual reality, smartphones, tech).

They stand between you and your own
body (doctors, dentists, psychiatrists,
pharma, advertisers, industrial food,

They stand between you and reproduction
(in vitro, frozen eggs, birth control, abortion,
porn, infertility).

They stand between you and wealth
(taxes, fees, fines, loans, interest, credit
score, The Fed, banks, inflation).

They stand between parents and children
(hospital births, schools, foster system, child trafficking, queer/trans religion).

They stand between men and women
(feminism, divorce, gay marriage,
working mothers, men working
long hours).

They stand between you and God,
self-discovery, nature, truth (AI).

Feed the parasites and we suffer.
Starve the parasites and we thrive.

We must squeeze them out.
We must reunite.
We must become whole.

May 10, 2024


When you say "people are simple"
you mean "people are animals"
and then you treat them like animals.

That's the error of hubris.
The correction is humility.

Butchering other men's children
cannot make you immortal,
cannot make you other than

To be human is to be defined by

There must be a dividing line
between Man and God.

One cannot become the other.

Just as man cannot become woman,
and woman cannot become man,
Man cannot become God, and
God cannot become Man.

(Christ was resurrected.)

Be humble and rejoice.

To want to become God
is to assume you know
what God is,
which is impossible
for Man to know.


We can't know.
We can't truthfully desire
what is unknowable.

We can only reject what we are.

So be humble.

Only in death can we get close to God.
Only when we are unbound from our
individuality, our memories, our instincts,
can we return to formless unity, can we
know God.

Again, humility.
We cannot do this in life.

Collectivism is a perversion,
a false unity with God.

It separates us further from God
because it separates us from
who we are, right now, from
what we are, right now.

Simple people know this.
They have always known this.
This is the wisdom of simple people.

May 10, 2024

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