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When you say "people are simple"
you mean "people are animals"
and then you treat them like animals.

That's the error of hubris.
The correction is humility.

Butchering other men's children
cannot make you immortal,
cannot make you other than

To be human is to be defined by

There must be a dividing line
between Man and God.

One cannot become the other.

Just as man cannot become woman,
and woman cannot become man,
Man cannot become God, and
God cannot become Man.

(Christ was resurrected.)

Be humble and rejoice.

To want to become God
is to assume you know
what God is,
which is impossible
for Man to know.


We can't know.
We can't truthfully desire
what is unknowable.

We can only reject what we are.

So be humble.

Only in death can we get close to God.
Only when we are unbound from our
individuality, our memories, our instincts,
can we return to formless unity, can we
know God.

Again, humility.
We cannot do this in life.

Collectivism is a perversion,
a false unity with God.

It separates us further from God
because it separates us from
who we are, right now, from
what we are, right now.

Simple people know this.
They have always known this.
This is the wisdom of simple people.

May 10, 2024

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