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divide, conquer

Jews are dividers.

They cleave in two what should be one,
and mediate between them.

For profit.
Social coin shavers.

This is how they control the individual.
And when they control the individual,
they control the society, and
when they control the society,
they control the world.

Wherever you find a thing divided
against itself, you'll find a Jew
in between, profiting.

They stand between you and reality
(news, entertainment, video games,
virtual reality, smartphones, tech).

They stand between you and your own
body (doctors, dentists, psychiatrists,
pharma, advertisers, industrial food,

They stand between you and reproduction
(in vitro, frozen eggs, birth control, abortion,
porn, infertility).

They stand between you and wealth
(taxes, fees, fines, loans, interest, credit
score, The Fed, banks, inflation).

They stand between parents and children
(hospital births, schools, foster system, child trafficking, queer/trans religion).

They stand between men and women
(feminism, divorce, gay marriage,
working mothers, men working
long hours).

They stand between you and God,
self-discovery, nature, truth (AI).

Feed the parasites and we suffer.
Starve the parasites and we thrive.

We must squeeze them out.
We must reunite.
We must become whole.

May 10, 2024

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